IDAHOT 2015 Focus Issue to be LGBTI Youth


  All young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans* & Intersex, LGBTI, people have the right to grow up in safe and welcoming environments, where they can develop their personalities and talents respectfully of their individualities. The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT),  will provide an opportunity to collectively amplify the message that what young people really need to be protected from is homo/trans/bi-phobia. ...

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Global Trans Murder Monitoring project reveals alarming figures


Transgender Europe’s Trans Murder Monitoring project reveals 226 killings of trans people in the last 12 months In total, since January 2008 the murders of 1,612 trans people have been reported The 16th International Transgender Day of Remembrance is being held on November 20th 2014: Since 1999 the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), on which those trans people who have been victims of ...

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Transgender Day of Remembrance is on November 20th


On November 20th, the world will be commemorating the Transgender Day of Remembrance. This Day exists since 1998 to honor the many friends from the Trans community who have fallen under transphobic hate crime, and to raise our voice against all forms of Transphobia This Day should be a reminder to all of us, that Trans people bear a disproportionate share ...

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Intersex awareness Day – Morgan Carpenter, from the Organisation Intersex International, shares thoughts


PEOPLE with intersex variations are born with atypical physical sex characteristics. We face a range of health and human rights issues — and deep-seated stigma — caught between two contrasting visions of who and how we should be. On the one hand, this includes medical interventions in infancy and childhood that are explicitly intended to make intersex bodies conform to social norms for a specific sex or ...

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September 23 is Bi Visibility Day ! Join the action


Bi Visibility Day, also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, has been marked each year since 1999 to highlight biphobia and to help people find the bisexual community. Find out more on Bi Visibility Day’s website and join the September 23 Thunderclap   For more information, please visit our specific section in our resource center, where you will find additional ...

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