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Say YES to Families! – A Story of Empowerment in Ireland


Families Some people hate ‘em, others adore ‘em – ‘families’ as the poet Philip Larkin says ‘they fuck you up don’t they?’ Perhaps, is my response to that. During the Yes Equality campaign in Ireland in 2015 families became a central element of our struggle for social justice for lgbt people through a referendum on the right to marry. Who …

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Family love in Lebanon against all odds


I was fifteen years old when I came out to my Mom. I actually screamed it in her face. I was just another teenager except that I had a really hard time understanding my sexuality in a context where there was no support from anyone. I even thought I was the only gay person in the world. Luckily the internet was …

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Facing your Family as Young LGBTI – the Bravest Thing on Earth


Words of Support and Courage coming to us from Albania Family relations are extremely important for LGBTIQ people. As the saying goes, they can make you or break you. It is not uncommon within our community to hear of very different stories. Some speak of unconditional love and acceptance while others of rejection, violence and in some extreme cases even …

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