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IDAHOT 2017 will focus on “Families”


Consultation with advocates from around the world identifies “Families” as a focus issues for IDAHOT 2017 This focus includes both –        The role of families in the well-being of their LGBTIQ members –        The respect of the rights of LGBTIQ families (rainbow families)  We also of course want to use this focus issue to counter the reclaiming of family values …

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IDAHOT 2016 country reports: Iran


The Canada based organisation Iranian Queer Organisation IRQO offered slogans for May 17 with an eye on internalized homophobia. This is in-line with the organization’s new undertaking towards LGBTI rights in Iran. IRQO has been exploring and advocating alternative options for the LGBT individuals who are left with no choice but escaping Iran via seeking asylum. More about this will …

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IDAHOT 2016 Report is Out


Once again,  May17th celebrations saw a beautiful display of courage, creativity and solidarity! Discover stories and stunning pictures in our   IDAHOT Report 2016               

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IDAHOT 2016 Country reports : Jamaica


J-FLAG held the 4th Annual Larry Chang Human Rights Symposium on May 17 (see their Facebook page), IDAHOT PRISM (cultural and entertainment soire by and for LGBT people) on May 22, and J-FLAG Cares Labour Day Projects on May 23. In addition, the organisation had a series of meetings around IDAHOT for three weeks with representatives from government, private sector, civil society …

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