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More news coming in from around the IDAHOT world!

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With only two months to go until IDAHOT 2015, organizations and groups around the world are getting closer to finalizing their plans for action on and around May 17. With the global theme ‘LGBTI Youth’, many major international and regional youth and students networks and trade unions have now confirmed that they are inviting their members to mobilise on the IDAHOT, so the …

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Transgender Day of Visibility – Celebrating visible progress


Although the fight for justice and equality for Trans individuals is still in its early stages, much progress has been made since last Transgender Day of Visibility (TdoV). Today, we recognise some of the wonderful work being done by trans advocates and their allies – and the amazing changes being seen all across the world. In Europe, 17  countries signed a letter of …

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IDAHOT Chair, Venezuelan Trans activist Tamara Adrian marks Transgender Day of Visibility


“It is a duty of the IDAHOT Committee to honor and support the International Day for Trans Visibility. The Trans community is, within LGBTI circles, without any doubt the one that is most vulnerable and susceptible to stigma and discrimination. Poverty, violence, exclusion and marginalization arising from such stigma and discrimination are inadmissible consequences under international human rights law. This …

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International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – LGBTIs are all concerned!


21 March is a special day, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in October 1966 as International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Sexual and gender minorities have many reasons to side with racial minorities (or for that matter oppressed racial majorities!) . Race, gender, sexuality are after all, together with many other ‘characteristics’, used by those in power to maintain …

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Holding an intensive visual short-term campaign – Experience from Tunisia


This article was taken from It is not related to LGBT rights, but offers interesting insights into action building   There are growing concerns for freedom of expression even after the Tunisian revolution. Two young Tunisians were sentenced to long prison sentences because of facebook posts. Head of a Tunisian TV channel was fined because of airing a movie deemed blasphemous by court. …

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