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IDAHOT 2016 Report: Brunei


This year saw the first ever IDAHOT celebrations held in the nation of Brunei, helping boost our total of countries to an incredible 132. Despite difficulties brought about by the nation’s religiously conservative elements, a private community event was organized by the Brunei Project organization. The event was attended by community organisers and members of the LGBT community and was …

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IDAHOT 2016 Report: Bhutan


Staff from the United Nations this year helped Bhutan celebrate IDAHOT for the first time. As part of the UN’s Free & Equal campaign UN staff created a handful of videos in support of IDAHOT 2016. The videos featured members of the local LGBT population, as well as allies, and encouraged diversity and tolerance. The videos, available online, were also …

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IDAHOT Report 2016: Azerbaijan


In Azerbaijan, campaigners from AZAD LGBT produced and released a short film to mark IDAHOT 2016. The film, Bir Ushaq Var (There’s One Kid), aims to show people in Azerbaijan that LGBT people live normal lives across all aspects of society. The video highlights the typical lives that LGBT people live, and how they are just like the rest of …

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IDAHOT Report 2016: Madagascar


As part of the OHCHR Free & Equal Global Film Series Programme the US Embassy’s Information Centre this year held a special film screening event in support of IDAHOT 2016. The event featured screenings of ‘Call Me Kuchu’ and ‘a Place In The Middle’ and was attended by members of the LGBT community, as well as diplomatic staff from several …

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