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Being confronted with LGBTI-Phobia, discrimination and violence on a daily basis, we have to remind ourselves that we are not alone, that there are others who don’t agree which such hateful views, other LGBTI activists, celebrities, politicians, religious leaders and other allies.
This is why we have collected a small selection of quotes by people who speak up against violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity and make their voices heard for equality.



“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”
– Audre Lorde

“Trans women supporting and loving each other is a revolutionary act… We are changing the conversation right now.”
– Laverne Cox

“Sometimes I’m able to defend myself, I say that I’m a human rights defender, that they [the police] don’t have the right to arrest me and that I’m going to report them. If I’m able to get their identity, they usually stop watching me and leave me in peace because they know we know more than they do. For that reason all the training I’ve received has been very useful for me. A right that is not defended is a right that is lost.”
– Transgender woman in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

“In the 1970’s, when Soviet Russia upped its repression of Jews, the American Jewish community took action and fought for their fellow adherents. In the 1980’s, when the South African government seemed to be unrelenting of its commitment to apartheid, an American movement with prominent African American leadership took root and helped to enact sanctions that eventually brought apartheid to its knees. Should LGBT people and allies in the US decide to say “never again” to global homophobia and transphobia, we will follow in a proud tradition of other communities who have done the same.”
– Kevin Jennings, Director of ARCUS

“I had to fight to be me and get respect, and to carry that stigma, for me, is pride. Carrying the tag of lesbian. I’m not bragging, I’m not preaching, but I don’t deny it . I had to face society, the Church, which says damn gay people … it’s absurd. How do you judge someone who has been born that way. I did not study to be a lesbian. Neither was it taught to me. I was born this way. Since I opened my eyes to the world. I’ve never slept with a man. Never. I’m pure, I don’t have to be ashamed … My Gods made me so. “
– Chavela Vargas



“Healthcare for trans women is a necessity. It is not elective. It is not cosmetic. It is life saving.”
– Laverne Cox

“I know what I am. I know that I’ve chosen to identify as a transgender woman, and that I am – by and large – happy with where I am in this world. I’m far from perfect, and I could give you a list as long as my arms of the things I’d love to change. Nevertheless, I am still here, and I am still me, and no one can change that without my permission.”
– Gwendolyn Ann Smith



“I think choosing between men and women is like choosing between cake and ice cream. You’d be daft not to try both when there are so many different flavors.”
– Björk

“Love is a human experience, not a political statement.”
– Anne Hathaway

“No sex is wrong, if there’s love in it.”
– Marilyn Monroe

“Here’s a message to the people who just don’t get it:
Love is love
There is no difference
Not a medication to fix it
There is no prescription
No rehab to visit
It is not an addiction
It’s love and it’s selfless
It’s yours and everybody else’s
So don’t badger and abuse the solemnly defenseless
See us as yourself
There’s no equality in difference
Until we all get it, we’ll be drowning in the same blood
Despite orientation, we all feel the same love
We’ll be drowning in the same blood
Despite orientation, we all feel the same love.”
– Angel Haze: Same Love Remix

“Love must be free and must have protection for couples, whether they are same-sex or not, each one loves who they choose and must have protection for their family.”
– Gloria Tevi



“Silence around issues of Men who have Sex with Men should be stopped and no one should be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation.”
– Christine Kaseba-Sata, Zambia’s First Lady

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”
– Nelson Mandela

“The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody.”
– Rita Mae Brown

“Asking who’s ‘the man’ and who’s ‘the woman’ in a same sex relationship is like asking which chopstick is the fork.”
– Ellen Degeneres

“Yes, Marcos is gay. Marcos is gay in San Francisco, black in South Africa, an Asian in Europe, a Chicano in San Ysidro, an anarchist in Spain, a Palestinian in Israel, a Mayan Indian in the streets of San Cristobal, a Jew in Germany, a Gypsy in Poland, a Mohawk in Quebec, a pacifist in Bosnia, a single woman on the Metro at 10pm, a peasant without land, a gang member in the slums, an unemployed worker, an unhappy student and, of course, a Zapatista in the mountains.
Marcos is all the exploited, marginalised, oppressed minorities resisting and saying `Enough’. He is every minority who is now beginning to speak and every majority that must shut up and listen. He is every untolerated group searching for a way to speak. Everything that makes power and the good consciences of those in power uncomfortable — this is Marcos.”
– Subcomandante Marcos

“It is infuriating and idiotic that two gay partners have to go through this fucking dog and pony act when they stop at a hotel and the guy behind the counter says, ‘You want one room or two?’ I’m incredibly passionate about my support for the gay community and what they’re dealing with at this current point in time.”
- Seth MacFarlane

“It’s completely the same thing […] On campuses, people will say, ‘why are the same right-wing people against lesbianism and birth control?’ They find that bizarre. It’s not bizarre. It’s because the right wing is against any form of sexual expression that can’t end in conception. So we have the same adversaries and the same allies.”
– Gloria Steinem on Feminism and Gay Rights

“The next time someone asks you, ‘Hey, howdja get to be a homosexual anyway?’ tell them, ‘Homosexuals are chosen first on talent, then interview… then the swimsuit and evening gown competition pretty much gets rid of the rest of them.’”
-Karen Williams

“Homosexuality is regarded as shameful by barbarians and by those who live under despotic governments just as philosophy is regarded as shameful by them, because it is apparently not in the interest of such rulers to have great ideas engendered in their subjects, or powerful friendships or passionate love – all of which homosexuality is particularly apt to produce.”
– Plato

“What hurts is not being homosexual, but they tell it in your face as if you were a plague.”
– Chavela Vargas

“I’ve never criticized lesbians or gays. What people do from their waist down is part of their stories, not mine.”
– María Félix

“Being a man (male “macho”) does not give you right to anything.”
– Manuel Puig



“When Is Equality a Bad Thing?”
– anonymous

“We must stop this hypocrisy because we know they exist. There are men living with men, women living with women, and many times they live extraordinarily well. They build a life together, they work together and I am favourable.”
– Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

“Like being a woman, like being a racial religious tribal or ethnic minority, being LGBT does not make you less human. And that is why gay rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are gay rights.”
– Hillary Clinton



“I would not worship a God who is homophobic… I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven.”
– Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“Make no mistake, I am a Christian and I believe in God and I don’t believe he makes mistakes, so I believe that being gay is not a sin and in fact it’s how you’re made.”
– Kristin Chenowith



“If you’re not sure how you feel (about same sex marriage)… go and meet some of the families and see what they’re looking for. Once you take it out of the caricature of what gay marriage is, and put it in the reality of family and what these folks are fighting for, it’s really amazing.”
– Whoopi Goldberg

“If You don’t like Gay Marriage, Don’t Marry a Gay Person.”
– Whoopi Goldberg

“Governor Romney says he’s against same-sex marriage because every child deserves a mother and a father. I think every child deserves a family as loving and committed as mine. Because the sense of family comes from the commitment we make to each other to work through the hard times so we can enjoy the good ones. It comes from the love that binds us; that’s what makes a family. Mr. Romney, my family is just as real as yours.”
– Zach Wahls, (heterosexual) activist son of a same-sex union

“Let’s all get married. There is nothing more beautiful than two people who love each other and commit to marriage “
– Paulina Rubio


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