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Official recognition

By early 2010, the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia had been officially recognised by -

- The EU Parliament, thanks to an initiative from the EUP Intergroup, on LGBT Rights

- Belgium, thanks to the Association Européenne des Droits de l’Homme

- The UK, thanks to the efforts of Derek Lennard from Galha

- Mexico, upon an initiative from MP David Sanchez Camacho

- Costa Rica, thanks to the efforts of the organisation CIPAC

- The Netherlands, following action by COC

- ACT-UP and the IDAHO Committee teamed up to get France to recognise the Day

- In Luxemburg an alliance between the Green Party and the LGBT organisation Rosa Letzebuerg achieved to get the Day on the country’s agenda

- In Spain, the mobilisation of national coalitions brought recognition of the Day from the Parliament

- In Brazil, relentless efforts of the umbrella organisation ABGLT have lead to President Lula announcing the recognition at national level on IDAHO 2010

- In many countries like Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Italy, … the Day has been recognised by cities, local councils, regional governments,…

- Argentina, Bolivia, Australia, Croatia, etc…, national authorities have been called upon by their civil societies to have the Day recognised and active lobbying is on its way to success

In Latin America, a network of organisation was formed to capitalise best practice around the objective of the official recognition of the Day.

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