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France – IDAHOTB 2018 Country page


Many events happened all across France traditionally on and around the Day. It is impossible to report on them all. A national “IDAHO France” organisation exists and does some reporting on activities but they are not representative of the Day in France (the Day is a public date and no one can, nor should, claim it for individual purposes).  The …

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Coming out of the box – A Modern Family Tale from France

jb marraige

When I was young, marriage was nowhere on my list. Not in my love life, not in my political life, and certainly not in my family life. The question from Auntie Georgie (gender neutrality intended  “And when are YOU getting married?” was forever dreaded, unanswered and unanswerable. What could you say? “Not until I can marry my boyfriend” was not …

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IDAHOT 2017 country page: France


Le Refuge: annual fundraising week SOS Homophobie: release of the annual national report Several pride marches across France are timed to coincide with the IDAHOT week end. A demonstration in support of LGBT people in Chechnya is also planned in Paris French Embassies will organise events in many countries, including Beijing where a film screening is planned IDAHOT France: IDAHOT 2017; …

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IDAHOT 2016 Country page: FRANCE


The national anti-homophobia organisation SOS Homophobie organises actions during IDAHOT week throughout the country, in at least 14 cities, including the presentation of their national annual report on the situation of LGBT people in France, which was launched at a special IDAHOT event in Paris on May 17th. The full program of activity is available in French on the organisation’s …

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Mobile phone network Orange mobilises for IDAHOT in France

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 22.47.44

(info in French from organisers)   – Dès le 9 mai, teasing sur les réseaux sociaux Mobilisnoo autour de notre nouvelle affiche pour l’édition 2016 (Vous pouvez retrouver toutes nos affiches depuis 2010, ici) – Affiche dévoilée, début mai- – La semaine du 16 mai : Pour la première fois en exclusivité chez Orange, toutes les organisations syndicales s’unissent aux côtés de Mobilisnoo sur une affiche …

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