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  • Tamara Adrián – Venezuela. Chairperson


Tamara is a lawyer and law professor, and has been a Trans activist in Venezuela, across Latin America and globally for many years. She has been working extensively on legal reforms in Venezuela and the region and is elected to the Venezuela Parliament. She has published extensively in several languages on the legal aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity. She is female co-president for the International Lesbian Gay Transgender Law Association ILGALaw.

  • Joel Bedos – France

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Prior to his engagement with the IDAHOT Committee, Joel has worked 15 years for various organisations working on international solidarity. His career took him from relief work, to development work focusing mainly on basic education, to advocacy and campaigning. He is a former Policy and Campaigns Director for Oxfam France and acted as Policy Advisor for Oxfam International. He has been the Director of the IDAHO Committee between 2008 and 2015

  • Marko Jurčić – Croatia

marko1Marko has been involved in LGBTIQ movement in Western Balkan region since 2002, taking part in various queer and left-wing grass-roots organizations and networks, including Zagreb Pride, a Croatian queer-feminist and anti-fascist organization, where he held executive roles in advocacy and campaigning. As a Zagreb Pride activist, he was a campaigner and a spokesperson for the Zagreb Pride March since 2006. In addition, he co-founded two large national activists’ coalitions pertaining to the most significant advocacy activities since the establishment of the Croatian LGBTIQ movement 25 ago: the advocacy campaign for same-sex partnership legislation (2014) and the referendum campaign for voting against constitutional amendment initiated by the Catholic Church and alter-right in Croatia (2013).

  • Anthony Oluoch – Kenya

profileAnthony Oluoch is the Executive Director of Gay Kenya Trust, an organization that works towards equality and non-discrimination for all including gay and lesbian individuals in Kenya. As a lawyer, he has previously worked as the Legal and Human Rights Officer at the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya where he was instrumental in designing and initiating the implementation of what was then a strategy towards decriminalization of adult consensual same-sex conduct. He currently sits in the advisory panel of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award.

  • Juan Pigot – Suriname

juanAs a local LGBT activist, Juan has been organising many events in Suriname, from Pride marches to IDAHOT events, film festivals, etc. His current main engagement is with PAREA, a network of LGBT professionals in the country. As such, he has been involved in international work on workplace equality. He is also very seriously engaged in the world of sports, especially in his two “majors” , marathon and Tennis.
His daytime job sees him working as management consultant  specialized in writing Environmental and Social Impact Analysis

  •   Mariano Ruiz – Argentina

marianoMariano Ruiz has been the Latin America and Caribbean outreach and communications officer at the IDAHO Committee since 2014. In his role, Mariano is in constant contact with activists from the region, advising, guiding, and supporting their campaigns and projects for the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. In addition, Mariano had been working as a volunteer with the Argentinian Federation for Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals (FALGBT) since 2007 where he helped and witnessed the discussions and advocacy around equal marriage and gender identity laws. As from September 2016 he was named responsible for the International Affairs secretariat, responsible of strengthening alliances and strategies to make the organization have a more powerful role in the LGBT movement worldwide.  Since may 2016 he has been named the communications officer for the Latin America and Caribbean Trans Network (REDLACTRANS).

  •  Joe Wong – Asia-Pacific

1483949156082As APTN’s Programme Manager, Joe Wong oversees the institution and programme development of the network; resource mobilisation, communications and media, establishing partnership and collaboration with international, regional and national partners, and policy development. He has prior experience in working with NGOs, CBOs and UN agencies. He was previously a board member of APTN.