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IDAHOTB 2018 First Photo Album

As we are still compiling info on IDAHOTB activities from around the world, we already wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the events that unfolded and which we did not yet report on on this homepage Take a ride with us on the (wild) IDAHOTB side  

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British Authorities in Myanmar combine IDAHOTB and Royal Wedding celebrations!

Britain’s Deputy Ambassador David Hall poses for a photo with members of the &PROUD LGBT Choir at the British Ambassador’s residence in Yangon. Aung Khant:The Myanmar Times

From MMTimes How Myanmar responded to the royal wedding ZUZAKAR KALAUNG 21 MAY 2018 Myanmar paralympians eat elderflower cupcakes during the reception for the royal wedding at the British Ambassador’s residence in Yangon. Aung Khant/The Myanmar Times With a mix of adoration and bemusement Myanmar people tuned in along with an estimated global audience of 2 billion to watch the royal …

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Namibian organisation opens first LGBTI drop-in center on IDAHOTB


Excerpts From the Namibian OUTRIGHT Namibia opened the first outreach health centre for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex community (LGBTI) in Windhoek last week. This coincided with the celebration of the international day against homophobia, transgender and biphobia held annually on 17 May to bring attention to the discrimination and violence against the LGBTI community. OutRight Namibia director …

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Fiji hosts first Pride Parade on IDAHOTB


From GayStarNews Fiji became the first country in the Pacific to host a Pride parade. | Photo: Rainbow Pride Foundation 4 LGBTQ Rights and Equality in Fiji 21 May 2018 Shannon Power Fiji has just made history as the first country in the Pacific to host a LGBTI Pride parade. The Pride March coincided with this year’s International Day Against …

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All the way to Bhutan – Activists Celebrate IDAHOTB 2018


LGBT community in Bhutan observes IDAHOT From  Penjor, the 44-year-old transgender has been selling thukpa (rice porridge) on the streets of Thimphu to support her family. She faces discrimination of kinds and kinds every day. She doesn’t care. Members of Rainbow Bhutan, an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community in Bhutan, had their own unique and touching stories to …

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