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When Love Rises – A Family Story in Uzbekistan


My name is Dilya and I am now 45 years old. My partner’s name is Naima. Our story began when I was 35, and Naima 38. I was married and once again trying to glue together with my husband splinters of former love and to conceive a child. Everything was just like in everyone else’s life, but I so sharply …

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Standing the Test in Poland: Family Love Wins

JAnia 10.

“Wiktor is gay!  and If you don’t want him, you won’t have me, either!” – I shouted at my husband as soon as he opened the door coming back from work on the day our older son, Wiktor, came out. My husband, man of few words,  didn’t say anything. That’s good – I thought, there’s hope he accepts it, just like …

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A Family “Gang” from Ireland sends their Family Story for IDAHOT


Myself and my husband Jaime were married in South Africa in 2010 and campaigned for marriage equality in Ireland, which happened in 2015. We have a large, ever-growing and ever diversifying family. We are scattered around the globe. Here we are with two very special members who live in Western Australia – our niece Sorcha and Jaime’s mother Kay. I …

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Loving makes a Family in Nepal


People often say LGBTIQ don’t have family, they are wrong. When I knew myself as a child, I was already in a family, every one loved me and brought me up so delicately. I went to school, soon the teachers and fellow students became my family, which included people from different ethnic backgrounds. In college also I found myself in a …

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