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Who we are

The IDAHO Committee was created in 2005 by the founders of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

For the past 10 years, the IDAHO Committee has worked to make the Day become the single biggest LGBT global annual mobilization moment.

Our main missions have been to

  • Develop the scope, diversity and moral authority of the Day
  • Support organizations to take action during the Day

Core current strategies

We reach out to all possible stakeholders to invite them to join the global mobilisation, to add to the strength and the diversity. We especially target sexual and gender minorities’ organizations, other Human Rights defense organizations, online social change movements, progressive religious movements, international or regional public institutions, opinion leaders and corporations.

We encourage public institutions to give the Day official recognition, to increase its moral authority.

We connect LGBT activists and allies together over annual joint ‘focus issues’, chosen in consultation with over 700 organisations worldwide.

We support activities of stakeholders, by providing ideas for actions, strategic advice, campaign tools, operational coordination, etc.

We collect information by direct connection to a list of over 1000 contacts and monitoring of the web and the media.

We disseminate the information via our own online media channels and through active partnerships with major media and online social groups.


We ensure the broadest possible ownership, by making sure the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia remains a neutral public space, for all to use. We work in regular consultation with a large network of contacts, to remain as accountable as possible to the field.

We keep a very low public profile, so as not to interfere with the ownership and visibility of other organisations. We position ourselves as a service organisation and make sure the Day is not perceived as an initiative driven by vested interests.

We engage in direct action only upon request from other organisations.