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IDAHOT 2016: Events in the UK

In response to the IDAHOT 2016 theme, several organisations will take part in actions focused on mental health and wellbeing. At Lancaster University the Queer Futures research group will release information and research around May 17 related to LGBTI youth and their health. The research will also be released a short time after the group’s Queer Futures Conference, which will see mental health and psychology professionals gather to discuss issues related to health and wellbeing of LGBTI youth.

Coventry University will also take part in a similar event, by releasing new a new edition of their Psychology of Sexuality reviews with a specific IDAHOT focus. The publication will feature research and discussion over sexuality and how campaigners can apply scientific findings to improve their work.

Outside of academia, a number of events, both large and small, will take place across the country. In London the Kaleidoscope Trust will hold their annual IDAHOT lecture, featuring a talk and panel discussion on mental health and the LGBT community.

Also in London the Lloyds Banking Group will host a free public screening of the British comedy film Pride, which tells the story of LGBT protestors joining the British mining strike in the 1980s.

In Brighton, The British Psychological Association will host a public seminar on marriage equality. The event is free to all members and non-members and will feature insights from some of the leading academics in British psychology.

In the UK, a number of small and large-scale events will take place in communities across the country. In Leamington Spa, LGBTI individuals and allies will gather for the Big Rainbow Picnic to mark IDAHOT 2016. In Bradford the Equality Partnership will host a day of performance and talks around the theme of health and wellbeing in the LGBTI community. In Shrewsbury, the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival will host a special screening about LGBTI activism in Ukraine. In Brighton, the Brighton and Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum will join together with other local activists for a day of live performances and talks that will include ‘one minute of noise’ in commemoration of the victims of LGBTI violence.

In North West England the Proud Trust will present the ‘Pink Box’ creations made during LGBT History Month. The Pink Box campaign involved young LGBTI people exploring philosophy and philosophy in order to ‘create their own belief system’ in order to explore the link between religious beliefs and LGBTI equality.

In Reading the Reading University Student Union will host a small number of events across the day. The day will begin with a morning flag raising ceremony to mark IDAHOT 2016 and will also feature talks and workshops on gender identity and allyship in LGBT campaigning.

In Kent, health campaign Kent Brook will be visiting schools through the week of IDAHOT to discuss discrimination and stigma with young people and teachers. The group hopes to address issues facing young LGBT people and to tackle in-school discrimination through their talks.

In Cheltenham (Gloucestershire), members of the local IDAHOT group will hold public sessions on mental health, wellbeing and stigma. The first talk will focus on the theme of ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’ while the second will address LGBT Children and Parents and the issues they face.

In Manchester national campaign the LGBT Foundation will hold a public hate crime vigil to mark IDAHOT 2016. As part of the event the group have invited the LGBT community and allies to join together to recognise the past and ongoing oppression of LGBT minorities across the world. Also in Manchester, Trans Metropolitan celebrates the day

In Brighton the Brighton and Hove LGBT Community Forum will hold a special event to celebrate IDAHOT 2016, while raising awareness of the issues in their local community. The celebration of LGBT life will also feature a ‘minute of noise’ to commemorate the victims of global LGBT violence.

In Shrewsbury the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival will hold a special screening of the documentary ‘This Is Gay Propaganda’, on the subject of the LGBT community in Ukraine.

In Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway council will mark the day by promoting their newly-launched anti-discrimination guidelines. The authority will also hope to raise awareness of discrimination through a number of events during the day.

In Edinburgh LGBT Youth Scotland will host an event focused on suicide prevention among LGBT youth. For more information and to apply for tickets please visit their online form.

In Fife, local council authorities will mark the day with online actions in support of IDAHOT’s global aims.

Also on the day, the Gay Police Association of Scotland will run a special online videocast on hate crimes and discrimination in the UK. Action will also be seen from Tameside Police, who will allow a handful of officers to mark the day with rainbow shoe laces while on duty.