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'None on Record' celebrating IDAHOT across the African continent

In celebration of IDAHOT, the digital media project None on Record will release the first WE ARE QUEER AFRICA video, feature empowering and inspiring content from past, current and future curators across the world. The video and WAQA content will be featured by MTV’s Staying Alive Initiative for IDAHOT 2014 as well.

WE ARE QUEER AFRICA is None on Record’s exciting new series that allows LGBTI Africans a platform to share their stories with each other and the world. The purpose of WE ARE QUEER AFRICA is two prong: first to offer a new narrative about LGBT Africans that goes beyond just homophobia and second to allow even more people a safe space to document their experiences. WAQA has featured LGBT Africans from Namibia, Nigeria, Burundi, Kenya and Uganda including Namibian folk musician Shishani, Nigerian LGBT activist Bisi Alimi and this week, Pepe Julian Onziema of Sexual Minorities Uganda.

None on Record is a digital media project that collects the stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex Africans on the continent and the diaspora. To find out more about them and their work, you can visit the website, Facebook page or follow them on Tumblr.


Here is what curators have said about the series:

I believe in community connections, sharing, learning and teaching. We Are Queer Africa has provided that space for me. -Pepe Julian Onziema, Program Director, Sexual Minorities Uganda

Courage is not the absence of fear but pressing ahead in the face of fear. As a privileged Nigerian-American living in the US, this was not a choice for me- this is an obligation to my LGBT brothers and sisters back home.-Mikael Owunna,

We need visibility of queer Africans. Fear and irrational hatred of people comes from invisibility. -Eric Gitari, Kenyan LGBT rights activist and lawyer

“Growing up I felt alone, lost like I was the only freak in the world being attracted to women – until I found out I wasn’t. I think it’s extremely important we share our lives with each other as people, and to know and show the wonderful, beautiful people we are.” -Shisani, Namibian folk musician

Testimonials save a lot of people and change a lot of minds in a positive way. That is why I enjoy sharing my life through testimonial and reading others. -Sandrine Kamariza, Founder, Together for Women’s Rights, Burundi