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Happy Bi Visibility Day !


Today (September 23) is Bi Visibility Day also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day. Bi Visibility Day is designed to highlight biphobia in society as well as within LGBTI and other social movement spaces, and to help people make contact with bisexual communities in different countries. Photo: Wikipedia (Author: Peter Salanki) The Day has been celebrated since 1999 when a …

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Position on Biphobia & LGBTphobia

Bisexual people suffer from homophobia too The idea that identifying as bisexual is a way to avoid homophobia, or easier/safer than coming out as gay is a myth. The people who hate us don’t distinguish between us. homosexuality and bisexuality are ‘not exclusively heterosexual’ and therefore to be feared, hated, distrusted. In homophobic environments, whether schools or offices or households, …

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