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IDAHOT 2015 country report: Burundi


Humure, one of the few LGBT organisations in central African country of Burundi, where homosexuality is harshly punished by law (some few years ago a bill was introduced to punish it with life sentence), plans  on organising discussions with the 5 major Human Rights defense organisations in the country. The organisation will also organise a meeting of the transgender community from …

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IDAHOT Report 2014: Burundi

IDAHOT 2014 country report cover

Burundi A group of sexual, gender and human rights activists presented their Annual Report on the State of Homophobia in Burundi, together with a film screening at the country’s only LGBT centre. Meanwhile, a different organisation, in one of Burundi’s rural towns, also organised a community meeting and event around the IDAHOT 2014. Further details are limited for potential security …

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IDAHOT 2014 Activities Announced in Burundi


In Burundi, LGBT groups will be presenting their annual report on the state of Homophobia in the country’s only LGBT center in the capital city of Bujumbura. Community meetings will be held in rural towns, where public events are unthinkable of, in the context of exploding homophobia in the region. For security reasons, details of activities and organisers cannot be …

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Burundi IDAHO Report 2012


With financial support from the IDAHO Committee, the Organisation MUCO renewed its IDAHO mobilization activities in the rural areas of Burundi. It organized social activities bringing together members of sexual

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