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IDAHOTB 2018 Country Report – Myanmar

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Color Rainbow reports from Yangon “Colors Rainbow’s biggest support came from different donors who have been involved with Colors Rainbow for a few years already. In addition foreign Embassies to Myanmar as well as UN agencies contributed funds (European Union for example) and raised the rainbow flag for the whole day. In total the rainbow flag flew in more than …

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Announcing May 17 2019 global focus : Justice and Protection for all


Justice and Protection for All Over the past decades, protection of LGBTQI+ people and all people with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions or sex characteristics has greatly expanded. This progress is well worth celebrating, and this is why May 17th is also, and maybe foremost, a day for celebration. But in many places around the world, LGBTQI+ people still …

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The 2018 Photo Album – A Magic Flying Carpet around the World


This year’s global focus on “Alliances for Solidarity” resonated across the world, with many organisations taking ownership of the theme to reach out to allies and supporters. Alliances are definitely the backbone of our struggles. In a world where traditional fault-lines between progressives and conservatives are being blurred by populist movements, it is more essential than ever to reconnect all …

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May 17 marked across China despite bans and intimatidation


Many events took place throughout the country The Day was particularly marked in numerous Universities   Theme: Voice for Love Organizer: Cai Fan Union Event Description: Conducted outdoor advocacy on university campuses, including taking photos with slogan cards, writing down best wishes in exchange for rainbow-colored wristband and other activities.   Theme: Rainbow Location Shots Organizer: Rainbow Group of Universities in Guangzhou …

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Turkey – IDAHOTB 2018 Country Page

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Reporting on events by KAOS GL: There is an ongoing state of emergency in Turkey as well as a ban on LGBTI events in Ankara, LGBTI organizations and initiatives are under great pressure to organize such events and demonstrations. But still there are many events organized across Turkey: KaosGL released a press statement regarding the ongoing bans against LGBTI+ demonstrations …

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