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A Love Letter to a Mum

We live in a society where women are underestimated. We live in society that teaches women that their greatest achievement is raising a child and raising that child well. Learning that your son is gay with all the misconceptions that society has taught you means that your entire life is a failure.

It takes a lot of courage to overcome this shock. It takes a lot of effort to learn more, understand better, and accept the fact that your son or daughter is gay. I believe that only great women can bring themselves to deal with that.

o these special women, I would like to express my admiration. Whatever your questions and concerns were, you all came to the same conclusion: “We love our kids and their happiness is what is more important to us.”

You all came from different backgrounds, different religions, different social classes… Some of you were religious and conservatives, others were liberals, but you all showed the same courage and love for your children.

I wish I could publish your photos as my all-time heroes, but I know that society will not see you as heroes just yet.

I do believe, however, that I most probably speak for a majority when I say that you definitely are the greatest heroes for us, your sons and your daughters.

To my mother, and to all the great mothers of LGBT sons and daughters, I hope you will continue to have warm years to come surrounded by your children in whose lives you’ve made an indescribably positive impact.” (the picture is the Arabic word for “Family”)