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Raising the Flag


An interview with IDAHO Committee Advisory Board member Rosanna Flamer-Caldera who heads the Sri Lankan LGBT group Equal Ground exposes how the organisation managed to get many foreign diplomatic representations to raise the Rainbow Flag in Colombo for May 17th   –       Where/how did the idea originate? During a Pride March in Eastern Europe, we saw that the British High …

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Cure Homophobia!


In many contexts, having a sexual orientation or a gender identity that does not conform to mainstream norms is considered a mental health issue, despite WHO declassifying homosexuality as such back in 1990. To mock that belief, a powerful strategy is to revert that argument and expose Homophobia and Transphobia as the real issues. “Homosexuality is not an illness, homophobia is” is …

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Photo Competition


A photography competition could be a great way to encourage participation from the community and to change public attitudes. Activists from Myanmar told us more about how they organised their pioneering competition…

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Freedom Festival


Inspired by human rights activists in Liberia, who organised for IDAHOT 2014, a Freedom Festival is a bundle of different expressive actions and events, which creates space for community-building, creativity and acceptance…

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Hand-Holding Flashmob or Human Chain


How many times have you (or someone you care about) walked in the street holding hands with a same sex partner, and felt insecure about people’s reactions? A hand-holding flashmob could be a great response…

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