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IDAHOT Placemats

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  We all know the problem: Flyers, pamphlets or posters are often ignored or thrown away before even being read. In Geneva however, activists have come up with a fantastic idea on how to make sure people will have a second look: IDAHOT Placemats. Organizers from the Swiss LGBT group Dialogai, together with their partners at UNAIDS and other groups, first …

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Freezing Action

Image: Freeze flash mob during Parkinson’s Awareness Week in Piccadelly London 2013.

As a form of flash mob or street action, ‘freezing’ actions have been a powerful tool to raise awareness. Many causes and organisations have used this action to address various issues. Thereby, the ways of conducting the freeze action can have different forms, from interaction with the passing audience, symbolizing through positions, theatric play, to name just a few. One …

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Holding an intensive visual short-term campaign – Experience from Tunisia


This article was taken from It is not related to LGBT rights, but offers interesting insights into action building   There are growing concerns for freedom of expression even after the Tunisian revolution. Two young Tunisians were sentenced to long prison sentences because of facebook posts. Head of a Tunisian TV channel was fined because of airing a movie deemed blasphemous by court. …

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Your Voice on the Radio


What better way to make your voice heard than using radio broadcasting! Radio has informed and entertained us for a century and even today with internet and TV, wireless transmission of radio programmes is a powerful tool to reach out to people, not only in more remote parts of the world. So, it is no wonder that radio programmes still …

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Humanizing Your Cause


In today’s world of advertising blitz, glamorous promotions, and creative social media campaigns, we are constantly bombarded with brands, causes, images, taglines, hashtags, etc., all of them competing for our attention, money, and support. However, how does one choose which brand or which cause to support amidst the expansive sea of competing brands and causes — all of which could …

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