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Chile turns the lights on for IDAHOT

30 municipalities, 5 embassies, Santiago’s library, the Ministry for Women and many local governments joined the Rainbow Campaign initiated by national LGBT group Movhil.

The campaign will see the Presidential Palace illuminated in rainbow colors

66 public institutions will fly the rainbow flag and/or will be illuminated in rainbow colors for the  “Arcoíris” campaign

More information on Movilh‘s website.















As for the organisation MUMS Chile, it organises the first Conference on the Right to Difference under the motto “Diversity is our Strength”. This cultural project that unfolds in the Biobio region seeks to promote the right to be different and raise awareness of the violence that targets the LGBT communities in the country. Between May 13 and 17th, the organisation will hold several community events throughout the city. More info at and facebook.

More information on the Country page in Spanish