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This section brings you a selection of top stories for the upcoming IDAHOT. For more information, please consult the TOP NEWS section and the COUNTRY PAGES

  • Brisbane bridge to glow with pride
BrisbaneIn one of Australia’s largest cities the Brisbane LGBTIQ Action Group have organised a number of public events aimed at drawing attention to various issues facing people across the LGBT spectrum.

Among the events being held there will be information stalls, a choir performance, entertainment and shared messages of support with the LGBTI community. In the evening the group will invite their supporters to join them in a special viewing of the city’s iconic Storey Bridge, which will be lit with the colours of the rainbow flag to mark IDAHOT. Images from last year’s event were widely shared across the world and this year the event hopes again to match the same level of visual spectacle that it did in 2014.

For more information on the group click here and for the action page go here 


  • Free & Equal in Times Square
As part of its ongoing Free & Equal campaign, the United Nations Human Rights Office will release an inspiring new video a few days ahead of May 17th in celebration of IDAHOT.

The 2-minute video will depict the diverse roles that LGBTI individuals play in communities around the world and will feature a cameo appearance from a prominent straight ally in the video’s closing segment. As well as being available online the video will also premiere on a 7-storey screen in Times Square, New York City. Activists wishing to screen the video at events will be also be able to download a high-res version on or around May 15th.

For more information on the video please contact Charles Radcliffe at the OHCHR – Tel: +1 212 963 4953 

  • On the African continent, ‘None On Record’ highlights LGBTQI Youth
NOR_LOGOAfrican film project None On Record is joining the celebrations of IDAHOT by collecting video messages from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) persons and allies across the African continent and those in Diaspora. They invite people from around the world to send them video messages of support to LGBTIQ youth in Africa which will be launched online on May 17th 2015.

The project spreads the stories of Queer Africa and documents the hopes, struggles, challenges and joy of being an LGBTI African. None On Record’s work focuses on working with LGBTI communities across Africa and the African diaspora and employs digital media to tell stories, to advocate, to share and to discuss.

For more information on the project visit here. For further details or question please contact 

  • Shocking figures reveal 1,700 trans murders in 7 years

Research compiled by Transgender Europe’s Trans Murder Monitor has revealed the shocking level of global violence aimed at the transgender community. According to figures released for IDAHOT 2015 at least 1,700 reported cases of trans individuals being killed in transphobic attacks have occurred since the project began seven years ago.

The Trans Murder Monitor, which release data every year around May 17th, is run by international group Transgender Europe. For more details on the findings you can read the full report here.

For additional information please contact the TMM team at


  • Asia is Loud and Proud
YVC-LOUD_AND_PROUD-LOGO-1Asian campaigners Youth  Voices Count have proven themselves to be a loud voice and a proud face for young gay and bi men and young transgender people across Asia and the Pacific. In 2013 YVC launched their Loud And Proud campaign, aimed at giving a voice to young MSM and young transgender people in the region.

YVC has so far implemented Loud Proud campaign in five countries  in the region including  Fiji, Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam, and  Philippines. This year Loud and Proud will be implemented in China, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand where a special video will be developed with partners in each of their target countries which feature young MSM and transgender people discussing the unique issues that effect their lives. The second part of the plan will feature an event in each of these countries to celebrate IDAHOT and the young MSM and transgender individuals who stand against stigma and discrimination.

Find more information about the organisers here. For further details and follow up contact:

Niluka Perera, Project Officer (YVC) (+66 94 835 1762)

  • It Gets Better, and better, and better, and better…
igbThis year our long-term supporters at It Gets Better have mobilised all 10 of their global affiliates for a cast and diverse program of online and offline actions in multiple locations across the world.

As well as video clips by famous celebrities there will be flash-mobs, musical performances, video screenings, art shows and much more things all held to mark IDAHOT. It Gets Better and their global associates work together to end the discrimination of LGBTI young people across the world. Their simple message of ‘it gets better’ was created to help young people understand that there can be an end to homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. As well as advocating for the rights of LGBTI young people the group also encourages the engagement of straight allies to help build safer spaces for LGBTI youth, as well as working together to end all forms of discrimination. Contact Justin Tindall

  • Latin America celebrates diversity
In Latin America the regional UNAIDS (the United Nations HIV and AIDS group) officer will hold an online campaign focussing on LGBTI youth.

The campaign, which will appear on websites and social media will promote diversity across the continent and will also help to raise awareness of some of the specific problems facing young people in the LGBTI community. Organised with the support of the IDAHOT Committee and the Latin American LGBT Youth Coalition the group hopes that the project will reach thousands of people living in South America and encourage them to think differently about the issues surrounding many LGBT groups.

For more information contact Alicia Sanchez at UNAIDS (

  • LGBTI Youth is the focus for Kenyan campaigners
qQ-Initiative Eldoret, an LGB Youth group in Kenya will this year hold an online campaign aimed at LGBTI youth.

The week-long action will include anti-bullying messages and global news linked to IDAHOT shared with the intention of raising awareness and changing perceptions. As well as working online the group will also produce t-shirts, brochures and leaflets to be distributed among LGBTI young people and their family members to spread their message against homophobia and bigotry. Finally, a public discussion will invite the Kenyan public to engage with the group on the topic of ‘Homophobia and The Youth’. This leading event will be followed by a cocktail sessions with families and friends in celebration of the wonderful efforts.

For more information on the event and the group please email Festus Kisa at

  • Voice to the Voiceless in Cambodia
camASEANCamASEAN and their affiliates are preparing a great set of events, from advocating Anti-Bullying and Non-Discrimination policies in schools, workshops about poverty reduction, a national dialogue on Transgender people, to IDAHOT sessions with straight friends and LGBTI who experienced acceptance within their peers and families.

One of the strong focal point will be on legislation and analyses on the legal system in Cambodia. To round up the events, the organisers will also step into a dialogue with the private sector and host a documentary screening with a reflection round in order to inspire more activism, both within the LGBT community and straight allies.

For further details and questions please contact:
Srorn Srun:
(+855) 93 600 234 

  • Highlighting Positive Attitude in South Africa
Same Love Support Group Toti will launch a You Tube video campaign called “Your LGBT Story is Important” on May 16. It will consist of 2 minute videos featuring different LGBT people, focusing on the good parts of life.
People are encouraged to share their stories with them, via email, video or personally. They can contribute to this campaign before, during and after the actual event, because this will be an ongoing campaign.

These videos will encourage closeted LGBT to see that a good and happy LGBT life is possible for them. It will also show the face of individuality, love and family within LGBT, raising awareness and educating communities simultaneously.

For further details and question please contact:
Kim Lithgow, Founder of Same Love Support Group Toti
(+27) 84 700 2536

  • IDAHOT Placemats in Geneva
DialogaiPlacemats2Dialogai together with UNAIDS are preparing for the third edition of IDAHOT placemats which will be disseminated in local restaurants, schools, institutions and cafeterias around the city of Geneva, Switzerland.

After striking success in the last years (10.000 prints for the first two editions) they have decided to extent the campaign to the whole week of May 17. On IDAHOT itself, Dialogai is inviting everyone to join the “IDAHOT picnic” on Geneva’s lakeshore.

For further details please contact:
Fabien Betrand
Communications Dialogai
(+41) 22 906 40 48

  • Botswana’a first and only LGBT Theatre Festival goes into second round
After a successful debut during IDAHOT 2014, Botswana’s only LGBTI themed theatre festival, the Queer Shorts Showcase, is back for a second year.

 One night with five groundbreaking productions. This year the festival hosts international act, Mogoshi Mogwera, in #BringBackOurGays. The festival promotes interrogation of themes addressing LGBTI livelihoods in Botswana with the aim to contextualise these minority issues for residents of Botswana through generating conversation, promoting socially relevant discourse and education.

 The festival has also launched the “Bokamoso Bracelets” campaign with a 9 year old ally, Tshimo. The 50 bracelet limited edition debut collection commemorates 50 years of Botswana’s independence and supports LGBTI Visibility and Youth in Botswana under the slogan ‘Tomorrow’s Change Today.

For further details contact
Katlego K Kol-Kes /

  • ‘Out in School’ video contest is BACK!
The project ‘Out in School’ joint forces with Reel Youth to bring back its ‘Rise Against Homophobia Youth Short Video Contest’ for the celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia 2015.

Youth from across British Columbia aged 12 to 19 are invited to create short films speaking out against Homophobia, Transphobia and Bullying. The Rise Against Homophobia (RAH) video contest offers a creative approach to teaching and learning about social justice, and it provides an engaging opportunity for young people to become active participants in the process of supporting their LGBTQ peers.

The winning films will be screened at the 27th annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival and in classrooms across the province. All submissions will also be entered into the Reel Youth Film Festival for a chance to be screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

For further details and questions please contact:
Brandon Yan, Out in Schools Program Coordinator
+1 604 844 1615

  • IDAHOTI in Hong Kong: ‘Growing Pains’
‘Growing Pains’ is the name of a special exhibition that Pink Alliance together with a impressive number of partners are preparing for the celebrations of IDAHOTI in Hong Kong.IDAHOTI Hong Kong 2015

The organisers have extended the name of the Day to IDAHOTI to highlight the importance and to be more inclusive of intersex people within the community. The series of exhibitions will take place in at least 6 colleges and other venues in Hong Kong and Macau and will feature also talks and workshops about the issues facing young LGBTI people growing up in Hong Kong and Macau.

For more information and questions please contact:
Joanne Leung

  • Street Fairs, Music and much more
jenaThis year IDAHOT* Jena, Germany will be celebrated its festival for the seventh time. The organising team in Jena is working very hard to set up a multi-week program with street-fairs, cinema, talks, lectures, workshops, concerts and more. IDAHOT* Jena has been a successful event in the middle of the city and invited members of the LGBTI community as well as allies and interested citizens.

One of the topics will be online provocateurs and provoked/provoking social media users. Therefore, they have invited the press officer of a large German human rights organisation. Some of the leading question will be: What are shitstorms? Where does it come from? How to avoid it? How to deal with them?

For more information and questions please contact:
Matthias Gothe
(+49) 1575 – 18 40 920

  • Because We Are ‘Just Like You’ – Freeze flash mob
This year, the organization Athens Pride is preparing a freezing action in a busy shopping street with the clear and powerful message ‘JUST LIKE YOU’!

The goal of the action is to show the general population that LGBTQI people are just like them. There will be six different aspects of life shown, with six people wearing six different T-Shirts, each with a different colour of the LGBTQI Flag.

Find more details about the group here and find out more about the action in this article

  • Vietnam to hold massive same-sex wedding to mark IDAHOT
The group CCIHP, who exist to protect the rights of marginalised Vietnamese groups, will host a collective same-sex wedding which will feature a special live music performance, an outdoor art performance and a workshop led by the Vietnam Sexual Rights Alliance of Hanoi.

The event, which is open to the public, aims to promote positive attitudes towards same-sex marriage, as well as raising awareness to the ongoing problems faced by the Vietnamese LGBTI community. Also in Ho Chi Minh City, ICS, the organization for LGBT rights in Vietnam will hold a series of events including leadership workshop for transgender people and meeting of PFLAG of transgender people on May 16, as well as a two public events of May 17: ‘Rainbow Marriage’ event for same-sex couples to have their wedding photograph taken and “Celebrating the Rainbow” to celebrate IDAHOT.

For more information please contact us directly.

  • Moldova’s celebrates a week of diversity
In Moldova LGBT campaigners Egali will co-host a series of events across multiple days in the lead-up to the country’s IDAHOT celebrations on May 17th. From entertainment to conferences and everything in between, the group are ensuring that this year their country will be filled to the brim with positive actions.

On the week before IDAHOT the country will see its 14th annual pride festival, titled ‘Rainbows Over Dniester’. The 3rd Annual Pride March for Equality will also take place, followed later for an LGBT family conference titled ‘Our Familes, Here and Now’. Far from putting in the minimal effort the Moldovan LGBTI community have put in their full efforts to ensure that this year the celebration of diversity will be one that will go on for much longer than just a single day!

For more on the group click here – For press and more information contact the IDAHOT team:

  • Choir Mobilises for IDAHOT
BrisbaneChoir-4371438eThe Brisbane Pride Choir is once again marking the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia on 17 May with a combined performance and film evening at New Farm Cinemas at 6.30pm.

‘The event, including the screening of new Australian film, DROWN, is about
 raising awareness of the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and
intersex people in Australia and globally,’ said Katherine Richardson, Choir President. ‘Through our performances we tell the stories of our lives and advocate for change and equality.’

For more details and questions about the program please contact:
David Hardy, Vice President at Brisbane Lesbian and Gay Pride Choir
(+61) 422 445 707