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“Do Queer Votes Count?”

'Do Queer Votes Count?' campaign by Samtökin '78, Iceland

Under this theme, the Icelandic organisation Samtökin ’78 used the occasion of IDAHOT 2014 to question the candidates for the upcoming elections about their stands on LGBTIQ issues & Human Rights. Therefore, they had organised a panel discussion with the candidates to discuss their thoughts and ideas on queer issues, especially touching topics of human rights for LGBTIQ people. Putting …

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Strike a Pose… with a Poster!


Using posters has been a successful tool to get people’s attention for ages, even today where social media is taking over much of the communication and political lobbying. So why not bring those two together by adding an interactive factor? The organisation Kapul Champions (KC) marked IDAHOT for the first time in Papua New Guinea in 2014, in a country …

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Express yourself(ie)


Expressing ourselves is at the heart of every campaign. Our expressions is what makes us visible, what makes us liked or disliked, what brings us enemies and allies. Expressions come in many forms, and each campaigner will be faced with an early crucial choice : whose expression are we considering? and under what form? The answer to the first question …

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Stripped of your rights? Strip for them!


Uncovering oneself in an action can garner a lot of media coverage and campaigns to reclaim body and sexual rights will be even more tempted than others to actually feature the object of the claim : the body and the sexualities. Women’s movement have been at the forefront of this since the 60’s and up to today, with prominent anti-patriarchy group FEMEN or …

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