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IDAHOT 2016 country reports: Iran


The Canada based organisation Iranian Queer Organisation IRQO offered slogans for May 17 with an eye on internalized homophobia. This is in-line with the organization’s new undertaking towards LGBTI rights in Iran. IRQO has been exploring and advocating alternative options for the LGBT individuals who are left with no choice but escaping Iran via seeking asylum. More about this will …

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IDAHOT events 2015: Iran


Justice for Iran (JFI) – 17 May 2015 The newly launched “6 Rang Mould Award“, targeting those who have caused the most offence to lesbian, gay and transgender people in Iran, has its first recipients. This marks the first time in history  when individuals in Iran are held accountable for their homophobic acts or comments. Mohammad Javad Larijani, a judiciary …

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IDAHOT Report 2014: Iran

IDAHOT 2014 country report cover

Iran Iranian LGBT and feminist activists commemorated May 17, as a way of promoting freedom of expression for LGBT people, and for all, in Iran. One of the goals of the campaigns was to end hate speech against, and scapegoating of, LGBT communities and women in the media, and to promote free expression for all. May 17 in Tehran: No …

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Iran IDAHO Report 2013


Iranian activists behind the facebook group روز ملی اقلیت های جنسی ایرانی‎ (National Day of Iranian Sexual Minorities), created an online photo exhibition, ’to show their solidarity with the world on IDAHO’

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