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IDAHOTB events celebrated all through the Middle East and North Africa


The Arab Foundation for Equality publishes an impressive list of creative and brave events. In 2018, 30 events were registered, up from 18 the previous year. A sign that the LGBT civil society is growing in strength, courage and visibility, despite the increasingly harsh crackdowns from all sides. Kudos to all the activists! See AFE’s report on their special IDAHOTB …

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Reports on IDAHOTB 2018 in Middle East and North Africa

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In the MENA region, LGBTIQ++ people continue to face invisibility, stigma, discrimination, and violence.  Despite growing movements, there persists a significant underrepresentation of gender, sexual, and bodily rights. The Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality has produced this website to shed light on all the work that is being done in the region to promote LGBTIQ++ rights. We will be …

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IDAHOT 2017 Country Page: Middle-East North Africa


An excellent compilation of information coming from the Arab Foundation for Equality 14 NGOs IDAHOT event in the MENA region this year! 26-05-17 This year’s IDAHOT theme was family. Many LGBTIQ++ organisations in the MENA region worked hard on being part of the celebrations this year by organising different events and actions. Some organisations focused on the theme and showed …

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IDAHOT 2017 country page: Tunisia


IDAHOT-Tunisia: Célébration Idahot – Tunisie – performances, lectures, film screening, party; May 17 from 5:30 p.m. @ Le Rio, 92 Rue Radhia Haddad (Ex 92 rue de Yougoslavie), Tunisia Alouen Association (Algeria), Mawjoudin Association (Tunisia, FB), Nouakchott Solidarity Association (Mauritania), Rainbow Egypt (Egypt), Rainbow Sudan (Sudan), Quzah Magazine (Libya FB), Free Feminist Union (Morocco): #OurColoursAreTheCrime – online campaign

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IDAHOT Report 2016: Tunisia


Tunisian feminist and LGBT activists once again came together this year to hold the second edition of Chouftouhonna, Tunisia’s International Feminist Art Festival. The festival ran throughout the IDAHOT period and featured art and performances from campaigners and profressional artists, that included several pieces focused on the experiences of LGB women. On an international level, an online campaign was launched …

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