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Family Stories

Coming out of the box – A Modern Family Tale from France

jb marraige

When I was young, marriage was nowhere on my list. Not in my love life, not in my political life, and certainly not in my family life. The question from Auntie Georgie (gender neutrality intended  “And when are YOU getting married?” was forever dreaded, unanswered and unanswerable. What could you say? “Not until I can marry my boyfriend” was not …

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Incredibly Moving Family Story from Jordan


My name is Hasan. I’m a young man who works with the LGBTI community in Jordan, which is a conservative Middle Eastern country. I’m writing to tell you about my father who passed away two months ago. I would love to tell you about our great relationship but words cannot describe the support he gave me. So I would like …

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Families, tradition, solidarity. Chinese reflections on Family


A story from Chinese activist Xiaogang Wei coming to you for #IDAHOT #IFED2017 I’ve been hearing many stories about LGBT people coming out to their families for more than a decade since working at a Chinese LGBT nonprofit organization. The delightful, the enraged, and the sorrowful stories, I heard all kinds of. In a country that just bid farewell to …

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A happy family story from Suriname


People consider me lucky I guess. I have very loving and supporting parents and brothers, I have a nice career as the managing director of our family business, I travel, I have a bicycle (by choice ), I’m a athlete, I’m the chairman of Parea (Organization of Gay professionals in Suriname), I was chairman of the Surinamese Tennis Association and …

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