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Family Stories

Family love in Lebanon against all odds


I was fifteen years old when I came out to my Mom. I actually screamed it in her face. I was just another teenager except that I had a really hard time understanding my sexuality in a context where there was no support from anyone. I even thought I was the only gay person in the world. Luckily the internet was …

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Facing your Family as Young LGBTI – the Bravest Thing on Earth


Words of Support and Courage coming to us from Albania Family relations are extremely important for LGBTIQ people. As the saying goes, they can make you or break you. It is not uncommon within our community to hear of very different stories. Some speak of unconditional love and acceptance while others of rejection, violence and in some extreme cases even …

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A Love Letter to a Mum


We live in a society where women are underestimated. We live in society that teaches women that their greatest achievement is raising a child and raising that child well. Learning that your son is gay with all the misconceptions that society has taught you means that your entire life is a failure. It takes a lot of courage to overcome …

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A happy family shares love


When I was a child in France it pained me to think that my attraction to men meant I would have a lonely life. I never imagined that one day I would be a single father of twin boys in New York. The journey was strange and unexpected. But I found family everywhere along the way: in my friends, in …

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Family love to tour the world!


Sara and I have been in love for the past 13 years. Very soon in our relationship we talked about having a child together and imagine all the wonderful things we would do with him/her. We signed a civil contract (2007) but it was not enough for us so we organize our own, not legal, wedding in 2008 with 100 …

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