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More news coming in from around the IDAHOT world!

With only two months to go until IDAHOT 2015, organizations and groups around the world are getting closer to finalizing their plans for action on and around May 17.

With the global theme ‘LGBTI Youth’, many major international and regional youth and students networks and trade unions have now confirmed that they are inviting their members to mobilise on the IDAHOT, so the time is ripe for local LGBTI groups to make the contacts at local level with their local youth/students organisations to discuss potential alliances. For details of which networks and unions have agreed to mobilise their members, please get in touch with us at

From around the world information keeps coming in. Below is a sample of the creativity that unfolds once again around the day.

In Botswana, the Queer Shorts Showcase (QSS’s second edition will mark IDAHOT. This theatre production festival constitutes a platform to express the lives and realities of LGBTI people in Botswana through theatre performance, with the aim to generate conversations, promote socially relevant discourse, and educate residents of Botswana on these minority issues.

In CambodiaCamASEAN has teamed up with a number of organizations to prepare Gay Pride 2015 as well as celebrations for IDAHOT.  With the slogan ‘Voice for the Voiceless’, which will also include a specific focus on LGBTI Youth, the organizers are planning a series of events from May 14th until May 24th ranging from workshops on bullying or poverty reduction to dialogues with the private sector, and from public screenings of documentaries to  a Rainbow-Cyclo campaign in Phnom Penh!

Q-Initiative Eldoret, a Community based organization based in Eldoret Kenya, will be organizing discussions with people who are affected by stigma and discrimination but also to enable a dialogue with those perpetuating homophobia, especially young people. Together with other Kenyan groups they are planning to conduct online campaigns, the printing of t-shirts, brochures and banners, movie screenings followed by discussions, a public forum with youth leaders and a social event for experience sharing with family and friends of sexual minorities.
Organized by Venezuela Diversa, various activities will be held around May 17th in the country. At universities, there will be debates on the risks for youth LGBT+and sraight victims of violence. Additionally, the organizers will hold workshops with mass media to modify discriminatory language and there will be  activities towards the official recognition of the Day by different municipalities, among others.

In Croatia, Zagreb Pride will organise a gala event on May 17 which will bring together the LGBTIQ community, institution representatives and members of the international community living in Zagreb. The program will be both political and cultural, with the main goal of raising both awareness and funds for LGBTQ youth project and programs in Croatia.

In Brisbane, Australia, the City Hall will be flying the Rainbow Flag and the iconic Story Bridge will again be shining in Rainbow lights.

In Myanmar, the umbrella organization Colors Rainbow will again conduct a photo competition to increase the visibility of the LGBT community in Myanmar. Additionally, there are also plans to conduct public events across the country in collaboration with UNAIDS.

The Cuban organisation CENESEX will mark the Day with the 7th edition of the Conference Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Activists will participate in different activities around the country during two weeks of debate, activities and parades with the aim of fighting discrimination throughout Cuba.

The annual international Gionata Initiative, are inviting church groups to join a special IDAHOT service on May 17. The group has now also elected the 2015 IDAHOT psalm. More info to join the action at

The network of young gay and young transgender individuals in the Asia Pacific region ‘Young Voices Count’ (YVC) will hold IDAHOT events in Sri Lanka, China, and possibly in Cambodia, as part of their “Loud and Proud” video project focused on featuring young gay and young transgender people.

The Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) has already announced their Rainbow Days Action. They have extended their activities with an Open Call for an Arts Exhibition as part of their IDAHOT events ( Additionally, on February 10th 2015, LGL proposed that the ‘Lithuanian Post’ include the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia in its 2016 stamp-planning contest. In its letter, LGL emphasized that the contest, organized by the ‘Lithuania Post,’ would provide an opportunity for young artists to express their solidarity with LGBT* persons.

Several UK organisations , student groups and universities are set to be once more very active on the IDAHOT. The Kaleidoscope Trust will host a public lecture given by activists from around the world, while several student-led events will be held in universities across the country.

Please keep sending us information about your IDAHOT actions, so we can share your inspiration with the rest of the world! You can also register your IDAHOT event directly on the Day’s website at