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Canada – 2018 IDAHOTB Country Page


Toronto       Toronto’s RigthsCon will take place on May 16-18. This year’s program, built by our global community, is our most ambitious one yet. Within the program, you will find 18 thematic tracks to help you navigate our 450+ sessions. It will include an event On OHCHR’s Business Standards titled “Promoting LGBTI security and inclusion in the digital world: aligning policies and practices …

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IDAHOT 2017 country page: Canada


Prime Minister Trudeau declared, “Today — and every day — I join Canadians to support gender expression, gender identity and sexual orientation rights for people in Canada and around the world, and to challenge stigma, violence and prejudices wherever they occur.” Rainbow Railroad, the Dignity Initiative, Egale Canada Human Rights Trust and Canada Pride Montréal: Canada’s Role in Supporting LGBTI Refugees – Chechnya …

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IDAHOT 2016 country reports: Iran


The Canada based organisation Iranian Queer Organisation IRQO offered slogans for May 17 with an eye on internalized homophobia. This is in-line with the organization’s new undertaking towards LGBTI rights in Iran. IRQO has been exploring and advocating alternative options for the LGBT individuals who are left with no choice but escaping Iran via seeking asylum. More about this will …

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IDAHOT Report 2016: Canada


IDAHOT in Canada this year was largely defined by the news that new laws to protect transgender citizens were being launched following an initiative by the government. Timed to coincide with IDAHOT 2016, the news was announced by Prime Minister Trudeau, who also spoke in support of the aims of the day, and of the equality of LGBT citizens. The …

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Transgender People in Canada Are Getting New Human Rights Protections on IDAHOT


From VICE Magazine “VICE News has learned that Canada will finally push through legal protections for its transgender minority on Tuesday, after more than a decade of debate on the matter. The change would grant federal protections to prevent eviction, discrimination, and violence against transgender and non-gender binary Canadians. Asked directly about the changes, a spokesperson for Justice Minister Jody …

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