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IDAHOT Reports 2016: Vanuatu


Vanuatu this year saw the nation’s first ever celebration held for IDAHOT 2016. In the capital, Port Villa, campaigners from pro-LGBT group VPride Foundation held a panel discussion on discrimination and stigma facing the LGBT community. The event also provided a rare opportunity for the local community to meet, network and gather in a casual and welcoming setting.

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Welcome to IDAHOT Newbies !

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This year, IDAHOT was marked for the first time in at least 3 countries for the first time ! This brings the total number of countries where IDAHOT was celebrated to an amazing 132, which includes almost 40 countries where sexual and gender diversity is criminalized! In Brunei, an extremely conservative Asian Muslim context, the Brunei Project organised a private …

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Looking Ahead: Vanuatu in 2016


Vanuatu will this year see their first event held for IDAHOT 2016. In the capital, Port Villa, local LGBT group VPrideFoundation will hold a panel discussion on issues affecting the local LGBT community. Stay tuned for further updates and our annual reports for more information.

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