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Ukraine – IDAHOTB 2018 Country Page

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From event organisers: “Visible and brave: traditional Rainbow flasmob took place in Zaporizhzhia   Zaporizhzhia, a city in south-eastern Ukraine, for the first time in its history held an absolutely open and a widely announced IDAHOT event in front of the city council, which is a very brave step for such hostile to human rights countries as Ukraine. Participants of …

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First public flashmob held in eastern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia


Since this year Ukraine hosts the Eurovision Song Contest many local LGBT groups wanted to raise visibility on local LGBT issues in the Country, including our friends at Gender Z who held their traditional rainbow flashmob to celebrate IDAHOT  2017. However, unlike previous years this year’s flashmob was the first time held outside, in a central place in Zaporizhia. Gender Z’s supporters came …

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IDAHOT 2017 country page: Ukraine


Gender Z: ‘Celebrate diversity’ Rainbow flashmob; May 7 at 4:00 p.m. @ Sobornyi Av. (Maidan Heroiv), Zaporizhia  *This year’s Flashmob, unlike previous years, will be for the first time an open event in a central lively place to peacefully protest against stigmatization and labeling*. Queer Home Kharkiv:  Performance action against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia – first action against discrimination of LGBT people organised in …

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IDAHOT Report 2016: Ukraine


Activity in Ukraine was this year smaller than in past IDAHOT celebrations. Increasing persecution in the last year has forced LGBT groups to be concerned more than ever for the safety of their group and supporters. But despite the threat of violence and discrimination supporters this year managed to support IDAHOT with a wonderful online action. In an effort to …

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Ukraine’s IDAHOT video is so beautiful it will make you cry


We can only share the mail we got from the organisers, Gender Z. What else can be said?   “I am in a WONDERFUL state of mind now! And you know why? Watch Gender Z’s mega-positive video dedicated to May 17, and you’ll understand everything   Incredibly proud of my Zaporizhia community, really.  Let’s be proud of who we are, …

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