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IDAHOT Report 2014: Jordan


A pioneering event in Jordan took place in cooperation with ‘MyKali Magazine’, the country’s only magazine which addresses gender and sexual minorities.

Communities came together for a panel discussion on homophobia in Jordan. Local activists held a meeting to discuss discriminatory treatments that Jordanian LGBT people face daily. After the event, one of the organizers, Hasan, said: ʺThe fact that the session was conducted in the city of Amman within the cafe’s consent and knowledge of the cause, shows the progress being made and still to be made. Next year we want to do something bigger and more public. Only when we talk publicly can we achieve progress.”

MyKali Magazine also dedicated its latest edition to Freedom of Expression of LGBTI people.

Jordan, by MaKali MagazineActions in Jordan for the IDAHOT 2014

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